Sponsorship Opportunities

4.0 — TDC Connect

One keynote
One breakout
One side event

Cost rrp:
TDC Attendee: A$0
Other: A$49+
Concession: 30%

Attendee Breakdown:
43% TDC Attendees
21% TDC Futures
36% Other

Brisbane: 150+
Sydney: TBA
Melbourne: TBA


TDC Connect
Featuring Tia Queen and Brenton Craig from Gangplank, Tia and Brenton discussed a branding project they delivered for Jack Stone from Bee One Third, an urban neighbourhood honey.

!!! Expressions Of Interest !!!

TDC Connect presents the perfect opportunity to introduce in-house design philosophies to our audience. This agile and flexible platform can mould itself into a unique experience which is not to be missed. Companies and Agencies interested in participating are encouraged to reach out.


Hosted as a national tour of satellite events, TDC Connect is a hybrid experience featuring a combination of talks, panels and workshops by established and next-gen creative leaders.

Originally designed as a series of pre-conference talks featuring emerging creatives leaders from Brisbane alone, TDC Connect is expanding to other host cities where it will feature a broader range of industry professionals.

From speakers representing a world-class catalogue of design resources to the most progressive and up-and-coming creative directors, TDC connect is a culturally appropriate platform to discuss design and design as a business.