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TDC Futures 2018  Attended by 300 High School Students.

TDC Futures 2018
Attended by 300 High School Students.


TDC Futures

May 29 2019
Brisbane Powerhouse
Brisbane, Australia

Student group passes from — A$74 pp
Teacher / Lecturer passes from — A$99

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By Matthew Haynes

In the months leading into last years event, quietly and privately, we were hard at work launching the first official TDC Futures event. WTF is TDC Futures I hear you ask!? Well Friends, let me explain. Remember the first time you saw a Police Officer or an Astronaut on TV and thought to yourself, "That's what I wanna be when I grow up."? Well, you weren't alone!

So WTF happened? It's not like we're all NASA dropouts turned creative directors. It's more likely that we each suffered a range of life changing experiences that, for better or worse, lead to the life we’re each living now.

But what if these life experiences were overwhelmingly positive? What if one of these experiences was a day of motivating talks designed specifically to benefit young adults and their associated career choices?

Craig Black  Breakout

Craig Black

Chris Doyle & Josie Young  Speakers

Chris Doyle & Josie Young

Craig Black  Speaker

Craig Black


Special thanks to Chris, Josie, Cat, Craig, Braulio & PRue for donating your time to TDC Futures.

Love and thanks — Matt and the team


Enter TDC Futures.

TDC Futures is a repositioned version of The Design Conference, but designed and curated for High-school Seniors and First Year University Students. Featuring world-class speakers from our main event, TDC Futures focuses on the premise of: How did I get here?, as opposed to: Where we are going?!

From top to tail, we've done everything in our power to ensure every students in South-east Queensland is offered the highest quality experience as well as the chance to attend. The price has even been subsidised by our incredible event partners which means the world to us.

It goes without saying that this is a momentous occasion for our team and one of the proudest moments in our history. What's better, we have some huge announcements planned for the coming weeks including the launch of another initiative which is going to flip your lid! And this one is all for you!

Love and thanks — Matt TDC.