A Rolls Royce For Yo’ Ass

Environmentally Sensitive Design  Herman Miller Aeron.

Environmentally Sensitive Design
Herman Miller Aeron.


Herman Miller Aeron

Available in three sizes:
Size A: SD 400, SH 406-521,
W 654, H 1042 max, SW 483

Size B: SD 432, SH 406-521,
W 684, H 1067 max, SW 514

Size C: SD 470, SH 406-521,
W 718, H 1143 max, SW 551

Warranty: This item is covered by a 12-year conditional warranty.


By: Mathew Haynes

At TDC we’re fortunate to collaborate with some extraordinary people and companies — one of those is Living Edge. Living Edge are purveyors of exquisite furniture for your house and office; they have stunning art-wares and hard to find publications on creative culture. Living Edge joined the TDC family in 2018 and we couldn’t be happier about it.

If you’ve been to The Design Conference in the past, you've been able to appreciate the effort we go through to deliver everything that makes TDC unique and authentic. Even with years of experience, our annual event poses unique challenges all of which need to be navigated before we can successfully redefine our conference experience.

Designing our experience, we spend an incredible amount of time sitting — and it’s no secret that this is not only unhealthy for mind and soul, but also for your body. For this reason I’ve written this post to encourage you to ask yourself an important question: is your office chair supporting your posture correctly, and if not, why? Perhaps your office chair is set-up incorrectly, or perhaps your sitting on a poorly designed chair.

Even though I have previously invested into a decent office chair, it wasn’t until now that I have really been able to appreciate the superior and unparalleled quality of a Herman Miller Aeron. I didn’t even know office chairs came in various sizes until I spoke to Stephen and his amazing team at Living Edge.

It’s been almost a week since I made the plunge and all I can say is this: my Aeron is incredible. A quick Google will help you understand how universally loved this Rolls Royce for your ass actually is. From being able to set the Aeron into an ergonomic position for typing, repositioning the Aeron’s recline to what were calling “Rancho-relaxo mode” the Herman Miller Aeron checks all the boxes except one: having an active lifestyle.

Staying mobile throughout the day is as essential, as having the right chair to sit on when you need to get stuff done at office.

Love & Thanks — Matt TDC

Cross-performance design  Herman Miller Aeron.

Cross-performance design
Herman Miller Aeron.

Health-positive Design  Herman Miller Aeron.

Health-positive Design
Herman Miller Aeron.


“My aeron looks so good, I’m convinced the windows are jealous”

A Designer at TDC


From Living Edge

When Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed Aeron, they combined a deep knowledge of human-centered design with innovative, never-before-seen technology to deliver a chair unlike any other. Now Aeron has been remastered—ergonomically, functionally, anthropometrically, and environmentally—for today’s work and workers.

When Aeron debuted in 1994 it was a chair unlike any the world had ever seen. It didn’t just change how people sat, but what they thought a chair could be. But a lot has changed since then, so it made sense that Aeron should change too.

So how did Herman Miller improve one of the most iconic and beloved chairs in the world? They recruited co-designer Don Chadwick to reexamine the design criteria that led him and Bill Stumpf to the original in the context of today’s work and technology. With stronger, smarter materials, better adjustment capabilities, new finish options, and a healthier, more comfortable sit, Herman Miller didn’t recreate or redesign the Aeron Chair—they remastered it.

Just as iconic films and albums are updated for new audiences, Aeron has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work, workers, and work environments. By coupling co-designer Don Chadwick’s vision with Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, the new Aeron works smarter than ever before—so you can too.

This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Herman Miller, Inc.

Herman Miller Aeron  Dark Carbon

Herman Miller Aeron
Dark Carbon

Herman Miller Aeron  Mineral

Herman Miller Aeron