Good Food and Mindfulness

Clean Paprika Chicken #SpringClean

By: Matthew Haynes
Conference Host


It's crazy to think that in the pursuit of career excellence, we as humans often ignore our health and mental well-being in order to get ahead.

A year ago, I was shocked to my core when my relationship of ten years broke down. I was working way too many hours, I wasn't looking after myself and I justified it all in the name of working towards my dream life. I’m telling you this because you need to know that Its not ok — ever.

After considerable changes, I now know that it's the small things which add up to make the biggest impacts. By skipping meals and overworking, I prevented myself from being person I dreamt of becoming; a kind and generous giant who’s mastered the ability to listen and love.

So in this, my first post about the culture of design, I want to share a small change I made, which had a significant, positive impact in my life. I’m talking about food and not just any food — I’m talk about ready made fresh meals Youfoodz. This local company opened my eyes to portion control, scheduled eating and a healthy regime which formed the basis to my the best year in my life: 2018.

Steak and Creamy Mushroom Sauce  — A$9.95

Steak and Creamy Mushroom Sauce — A$9.95

Creamy Chicken Laksa  — A$9.95

Creamy Chicken Laksa — A$9.95

Hawaiian Chicken Parma  — A$9.95

Hawaiian Chicken Parma — A$9.95


Ready made meals


Through diet and exercise, I lost a lot of weight. I could show you the before and after pics, however, I think it’s prolly more suitable to focus on the meals (pictured) which have fuelled my beautiful change. And while this appears to be a paid post, it’s not. The truth is, I’m sharing my story because many of you need to hear it.

Through hosting TDC over the last ten years, I’ve grown to learn that being a designer is less about design and more about being a human who’s woke to the impact of their decisions.

Now more than ever, I strive to be the best version of myself and this philosophy starts with eating better, thinking better and being better as a result. No longer will I neglect the opportunity to be my best self and it is with this understanding that I choose to be better and choose to lead a gusto. Should you do the same, you’ll make a positive impact in your own life and the lives of the people in your home and at work.

Love & Thanks — Matt TDC

Choc Protein Doughnut  — A$4.95

Choc Protein Doughnut — A$4.95

Choc-Mint Protein Slice  — A$4.95

Choc-Mint Protein Slice — A$4.95

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