Our team is dedicated to developing in-event activations that create maximum impact and value


Sponsors that participate in exciting, culturally appropriate activations have the opportunity to connect with our attendees on an unparalleled level.

We see our sponsorship ventures as an opportunity to build a practical catalogue of resources on behalf of our community. Practically this means we advocate for, and enhance the visibility and reputation of, products and services with real-world relevance and applicability to the personal and professional lives of our attendees.

In-event activations promotion includes:

Pre-event promotion
Printed logo on poster(s)
Website biography
Activation promo

In-event promotion
Motion advertising
Logo feature on screen
Logo feature in event titles
Product placement on set†

In-session promotion
Session naming rights
Verbal recognition
Promotional content distribution†

Post-event promotion
Activation follow-up
Usage of event media